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AVN Logistics - India's Cold Chain Logistics Specialist

AVN Logistics specializes in tailored solutions for cold storage and refrigerated transportation throughout India. As one of India’s dynamic and rapidly expanding integrated cold chain logistics providers, AVN Logistics combines cutting-edge technology, extensive professional expertise, and effective on-site execution capabilities to deliver secure and efficient solutions within the food supply chain & frozen commodities.

Distinguished as one of India’s rare investment firms dedicated to logistics, AVN Logistics follows a distinctive approach to business growth, leveraging a combination of capital investment and operational excellence. With a strategic vision, AVN Logistics aims to establish a nationwide presence, strategically positioning itself in key distribution hubs and major cities. The company offers specialized services encompassing refrigerated storage, warehousing, transportation, distribution, and comprehensive logistics solutions for fresh and frozen commodities.


The cold chain infrastructure in India currently lacks cohesion and organization, calling for the establishment of integrated cold chain operations that offer state-of-the-art environment-controlled warehousing and transportation solutions throughout the food supply chain.

Recognizing the potential within India’s consumption and infrastructure-driven growth trajectory, AVN Logistics identifies a significant opportunity to construct a modern and comprehensive cold chain logistics infrastructure across the nation.

AVN Logistics has devised a strategic approach rooted in its BUILD principles, which serve as the foundational priorities necessary to achieve its long-term business objective. By transforming India’s cold chain logistics infrastructure, AVN Logistics aims to unlock a competitive advantage and contribute to the industry’s advancement.

AVN Logistics is committed to establishing a profitable enterprise by upholding the utmost technical and ethical standards. Through this commitment, the company aims to create a safe and healthy environment that promotes customer satisfaction and fulfills the needs of its employees, fostering a sense of fulfillment and contentment.
AVN Logistics strives to become a premier cold chain company by embracing innovative technologies. The company aims to deliver effective and efficient value-added services that go beyond customer expectations, providing a superior level of service and satisfaction.